We exude confidence since 1970

About us

Aragogamma was founded in 1970 with the aim of sterilizing the surgical sutures manufactured by the company itself, becoming a service company in irradiation/sterilization technology. This process has, at present, the quality systems in its service, as well as the latest computer advances.

The experience acquired in these 50 years provides us with a deep knowledge of technology and allows us to optimize the advice received by our clients.

The important development of the plastics industry led to a strong increase in the use of plastic containers, especially the so-called “single use” in medicine and pharmaceutical specialties. Since the parameter systems to be controlled were temperature -, and the plastic is susceptible to heat, these systems were not suitable for this type of material. On the other hand, sterilization by radiation allowed the treatment of many products at room temperature.

The sterilization of medical products is a function of the ability of the radiation to inactivate and eliminate pathogenic or non-existent microorganisms in said product. This activity began in the 50s on single-use products such as hypodermic needles and surgical gloves; subsequently applied to the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.

We understand “product”, any type of raw material or finished product, including the packaging material with which the product is sterilized.


For decades we have incorporated new technological advances that give greater control to our manufacturing process. Aragogamma has the confidence of the large Pharmaceutical Companies and Health Products.


We inaugurated the plant in Les Franqueses del Vallés, with the Installation Authorization of the Nuclear Safety Council (formerly JEN). That same year we obtained authorizations for the sterilization of medical devices. The first product that was treated were our sutures. Costumes, nonwovens and Petri dishes.


New products to be treated were incorporated. Gloves, gowns and surgical sizes, petri dishes, antibiotics for burns. Amplication of our warehouses.


This year the second generation of the Aragó family is incorporated into the business structure.
We incorporate state-of-the-art technology to add new sterilizable products.


New sterilizable products such as physiological saline spray and various pharmaceutical specialties are incorporated.


New products such as ophthalmic aluminum tubes and single-use laboratory material.


We add dialyzers to the offer of sterilizable products.


The genetic improvement makes its way into our facilities with pollen treatment to obtain haploids.
In addition, we add dentures and dental implants.


We proceed to material tests for nuclear power plants.
We sterilize natural implants.


We are already a pharmaceutical laboratory and we are authorized to irradiate food.


The range grows with ophthalmic wipes, liquid for lenses, mud for spa, sutures, clean room clothing and finished pharmaceutical products.

2015 - present

The commercial diversification of products to be irradiated continues to grow. We receive authorization from the FDA.
We offer our clients a wide experience that allows us to lead the technical advice of our sector.