Quality policy


The Commitment of Aragogamma S.L. is the treatment of healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products with ionizing radiation under the highest quality standards that meet the requirements of our customers, as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, through the continuous improvement of the implemented Quality Management System. Additionally, Aragogamma S.L. is committed to respecting the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of its activities through sustainable use of the organization’s resources.

It is the responsibility of the Management of Aragogamma S.L. to achieve the following objectives, only possible through the commitment and participation of the organization’s personnel at all levels and through:

  • The development of activities under safe conditions
  • The selection and control of quality suppliers
  • Process management of the company’s activities
  • Continuous monitoring of customer feedback as a fundamental tool for improving our service
  • Periodic review of the implementation of the Quality Management System
  • Ongoing training program for all company personnel and ensuring that this policy is understood, executed, and maintained.

Aragogamma S.L. is certified according to the international standard UNE EN ISO 13485 for Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices, Good Manufacturing Practices for Human and Veterinary Medicinal Products, NCF, “U.S. Food and Drug Administration” FDA, and has the authorization for the irradiation of condiments and plant species in accordance with the authorization of RSIPAC “Sanitary Register of Industries and Food Products of Catalonia.” It also complies with the guidelines of the Nuclear Safety Council CSN.

The commitment of Aragogamma S.L. extends throughout the company, as it has well-trained and aware personnel at all times of the importance and impact of the process on the treated products.

Likewise, Aragogamma S.L. is committed to maintaining proper data management within the Quality Management System and good documentation practices to ensure the integrity of these data throughout their lifecycle, regardless of the format and medium in which they have been generated.

All personnel in the organization maintain a respectful conduct both in accordance with the rules and the ethical values defined in the Penal Compliance Policy.

The company’s management sets measurable quality objectives consistent with the quality policy, including those necessary to meet the product treatment requirements, which, along with this policy, are periodically reviewed and analyzed in the Quality Management System Review.

Barcelona, February 23, 2022.

Xavier Aragó Fonts
General Manager of Aragogamma S.L.