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Multiple applications

The treatment by gamma rays allows to modify the physical, chemical and/or biological properties of the irradiated materials, even in their final packaging, thanks to the great penetration capacity of the photons. It is compatible with numerous materials, does not produce waste from the process and does not induce radioactivity.



Product safety

One of the most developed applications is the use of this technology for the sterilization process. Gamma irradiation is a physical means of decontamination – sterilization, since it kills bacteria by breaking down bacterial DNA, which inhibits bacterial division. Gamma rays, emitted from Cobalt-60, are pure energy, similar in many ways to microwaves and X-rays. Gamma rays administered during radiation sterilization destroy chemical bonds by interacting with the electrons of the atomic components. Although gamma rays are highly effective at killing microorganisms, they do not create waste, nor do they have enough energy to induce radioactivity.



· Dry aromatic herbs
· Spices
· Food condiments
· Containers for food


· Raw materials
· Finished product
· Accessories
· Containers


· Antibiotics / API
· Finished product
· Conditioning material
· Containers
· Wardrobe Sterile rooms


· Artworks
· Scrolls
· Codices
· Others


· Surgical and dental implants
· Woven bone
· Dialyzers
· Sutures
· Gloves, needles, scalpels, kits
· Tubes, Catheters
· Blood bags


· Tests and components
· Genetic improvements (Pollen and Varetas)